Obong of Calabar, King of Efik people, Nigeria

Meet the 78th King (Obong) of Calabar, Efik people of Nigeria whose coronation is linked to the British royal family

Mmbelwa Kingdom, Jele Ngoni of Malawi

Mmbelwa kingdom is a precolonial kingdom of the Ngoni people (Jele/jere clan) of Malawi. Today it is located in Mzimba District in the Republic of Malawi. The ngoni people of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe are part of the larger nguni speaking tribes of the southern African region. They escaped the Shaka Zulu Mfecane wars in... Continue Reading →

Tanzania chiefs and monarchs (Machifu wa Tanzania)

Tanganyika as it was called over 50 years ago had monarchs, kings, sultans and chiefs ruling the many different tribal communities. These royal dynasties and royal families have existed for centuries and held immense power and influence among their people. Remember they were the negotiators who signed treaties with the colonialists as the heads of... Continue Reading →

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