Death of HM King/Kumkani Zwelonke Sigcau of Xhosa kingdom

14th November South Africa woke up to the news of the sudden demise of HM King Zwelonke Sigcau of Xhosa kingdom. The king was the 12th monarch of the kingdom which is inhabited by the Xhosa tribe or the amaXhosa.

Zwelonke was the son of late King Xolilizwe Sigcau who died in 2005 December. He took over from his father and was installed in January 2006. King Zwelonke is from the Gcaleka branch which is the main royal house of the kingdom with the rharhabe house being another.

King Zwelonke Sigcau of Xhosa with HRH prince charles of Wales

King Zwelonke was officially coronated in 2015 in an elaborate ceremony which was attended by other South African monarchs such as Queen regent Noloyiso of Rharhabe, King Ndamase ii of western amaMpondo among others. Top government officials including Jacob Zuma were also in attendance. His coronation was being held 50 years after the last one.

King Zwelonke Sigcau and President Jacob zuma

The king has reigned for 13 years. He was rushed to hospital on Wednesday night before being announced dead. May he rest in eternal peace

King Zwelonke was buried on 29 November 2019. His funeral was attended by various royals from Mpondo, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele and Lesotho kingdoms. The king leaves behind his mother, 4 wives and children. He is the first king in South Africa to receive a state and traditional royal funeral

King Zwelonkes Mother and 4 wives( black)
Zulu princes(far right) and Mpondo princess and princes

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