King of Garanganze kingdom of BaYeke people, DRC

The Garenganze or Garanganze kingdom is a precolonial kingdom that existed until the 1890s when its king was killed by insurgents of King leopold of Belgium.The Kingdom is inhabited by the BaYeke people or the Yeke tribe of DRC, Democratic Republic of Congo. The traditional monarchy still eslxits today with the role of the king or Mwami being cultural and traditional affairs.

The most famous modern King of the BaYeke is late king/Mwami M’siri Mwenda vi Godefroid Munongo who was a prominent politician in the katanga government. He was born in 1925 to late king Mutampuka Munongo / Musanfya Ntanga. After learning the royal court traditions he gained an education obtained a degree in Public administration. He became the provisional interim provisional president of Katanga for 3 months after it declared secession from DRC.He later served as minister of various ministries – justice, public health, interior and public works during the government of Oriental katanga and the two later in the central government. He became governor of South katanga but was shortly afterwards arrested by Mobutu Sesesko but was later released. In 1976 he was enthroned King after the death of his brother. He reigned from 1976 until his death in 1992. He had 9 children including his son the current King or Mwami.

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King/ Mwami M’siri Mwenda viii Bantu Godefroid Munongo is the currently reigning monarch of the BaYeke or Garenganze kingdom. He aslo is president of the national alliance of traditional leaders and is chairman of the forum for african kings. He has been senator for 12 years or more. He has been King since 1997 succeeding his older brother who reigned from 1992-1997.

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