King Dadah Bokpe Houézrèhouêkê of Ouidah, Benin

King of Ouidah (Republic of Benin), Prince of Allada (Republic of Benin). His Majesty Dadah Bokpe Houézrèhouêkê was born in Cotonou in 1962 and is now the father of four children. He was initiated as a child and was taught and trained in the voodoo tradition during his childhood. The goal was to prepare him to be responsible for one of the largest temples of the Voodoo religion and to take care of the kingdom.

He started school in 1968 and continued his school career until 1981. He then left his home country Benin to study in Germany. He first studied at the University of Karl-Marx in Leipzig, then attended the renowned engineering school for transportation in Gotha (Thuringia) and became a graduate traffic engineer. A little later he taught applied mathematics in Thuringia. In 1986 he continued his training in the traffic planning department at the Technical University in Berlin. In addition, he turned to numerous other areas, such as the humanities and metaphysics, but especially astrology, and in this discipline also became master astrologer of a large German institute.

Although Dadah Bokpe was far from his home continent in his endless work as a student and entrepreneur with clear visions, he never lost touch with his homeland and especially with the tradition of his ancestors. He is a volunteer in countless areas of business, tourism, banking, technology transfer, politics, religious studies and last but not least diplomacy in connection with development work in Benin and other African countries. He has been actively involved in Africa’s diplomacy since the 1990s and has had a strong influence on this, particularly in his role as General Secretary or main administrator of the AFRICAN ACADEMY OF DIPLOMACY with headquarters in Dakar (Senegal) from 2004 to 2017.   

Today he is the founder and main representative of several business companies in Europe and Africa. He is an entrepreneur in the spirit of human values ​​and a true admirer of the one universal God. He knows how to skillfully unite the world of tradition, mysticism, science and economy in the joy of creating for people.

Metaphysics and mysticism are preferred areas of work and research for SM Dadah Bokpe. With his life experiences, he advises several companies, institutions and celebrities from the worlds of art, business, politics and diplomacy.SM Dadah Bokpe was awarded the bronze medal by the Academia Bonifaciana, the Academy of the Vatican, for his active involvement in the realization of human values and ideals and is an honorary member of the Vatican Academy.Due to his longstanding international commitment to the education of young people and the preservation of traditions, Dadah Bokpe received an honorary doctorate from Logos University International, Miami in Florida (USA) in 2017.

Following the call of the ancestors, he was appointed and sworn in in 1997 in Benin to the high priest of the voodoo religion for the temple of light “Voodoo Adjahouto-Houta”. In the same year, His Majesty was also appointed High Dignitary of the Royal House of Allada and representative of the Royal House worldwide. In 2018 he was also appointed king of Ouidah and head of the Bokpe-Kpingla dynasty. In 2019, he was named Honorary President of the Association of the Crowned Heads of the Ouidah Region in Benin because of his longstanding commitment to the development of Benin and the preservation of tradition.    

In addition, he holds numerous honorary awards worldwide, including Grand Collar of the Orders Bonaria and Omukama Chwa II. Kabalega. In addition, His Majesty has been working closely with the Kingdom of Bonyoro-Kitara (Uganda) for years and is the patron of the Schnelldorf Lions Club.

Princess Ina-Josephine Bokpe spokeswoman
His Majesty Dadah Bokpe Houézrêhouêkê Berlin, August 2019

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