Regent Oluboropa Tinuade Babalola of Iboropa, Nigeria

Its quite a popular tradition in many Nigerian royal houses to make a princess a regent or caretaker of the throne after the death of a reigning King.

This is what happened to Princess Tinuade Babalola when her father died in 2015. The young princess was selected to be regent by the royal council until a suitable male heir is selected.

The princess regent is the daughter of HM late King or Oluboropa of Iboropa in Nigeria. He died in 2015. The princess was born on25th of May and is one of the youngest female traditional rulers in Akokoland. Upon ascension to the throne she is obligated to wear male styled clothes and adopt a male lifestyle.

The princess regent and her late father the king

The princess regent is a graduate of Adekunle Ajasin University with a degree inpublic administration. She broke the record as the first sitting monarch to attend National youth Service corps Nigeria in which she belended very well with the other members without them knowing her royal position. She is also currently the youngest female monarch in Nigeria.

Below are a few pictures of the female King

The princess regent and her mother
The regent at AMVCA 2020

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