Mwamikazi Pascaline Luzolo Chimanye of Kaziba, DRC

It is with sadness to announce the death of HM Queen (Mwamikazi) Pascaline Luzolo Chimanye of Kaziba kingdom (chefferie de Kaziba), Walungu territory, DRC.

Born in 1960, she was the wife of late HM King (Mwami) Chimanye ii Kabonwa of Kaziba who died in 2005.

Late King (Mwami) Chimanye ii Kabonwa
📷 Courtesy of laprunelleRDC

She is the mother of the current HM King (Mwami) Dirk Majiri iv Nakaziba Chimanye of Kaziba who became king at the young age of 9in 2005 after the death of his father. She also has daughters.
Queen Pascaline Luzolo Chimanye has been Queen for 33 years and also served in the capacity of the King’s mother (Queen mother) from 2005.

She died on August 16th in Kigali, Rwanda and was buried on 24th August 2020 at a funeral ceremony attended by her family, congolese government officials and the general public of Kaziba.

R. I. P. She will be greatly missed.

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