Sultan Muhammadu Saad Abubakar iv of Sokoto, Nigeria

Today is the 14th coronation anniversary for His Eminence 20th Sultan Muhammadu Saad Abubakar iv of Sokoto, Nigeria.

Sultan Muhammadu Saad Abubakar of Sokoto is the current reigning monarch of Sokoto that was a caliphate during the precolonial era. He is also the Head of all Muslims in Nigeria.

He is the youngest son of late 17th Sultan Siddiq Abubakar iii of Sokoto and succeeded his late brother the 19th Sultan Muhammadu Maccido Abubakar who died in 2006 after the Nigerian ADC plane crash.

The former military and defence man previously served in various capacities in the Nigerian government military service. He is married with children. His official residence is the sultan of Sokoto palace located in Sokoto, Nigeria

Photos courtesy of Abbas Maccido

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