Queen mother Semane Molotlegi of Bafokeng, South Africa

HM Queen mother Semane Molotlegi of Bafokeng tribe, South Africa born a princess of BaMangwato tribe, Bostwana was buried on Saturday 12th December in a ceremony attended by a few.

Photo courtesy of Thato Mmereki
Photo courtesy of Thato Mmereki
Photo courtesy of Thato Mmereki

May she rest in eternal peaceShe has been a spearhead in the development of the Bafokeng tribe who have been termed as the richest tribe in Africa due to the minerals resources in their lands particularly platinum

Photo : Bafokeng archives

She is the wife of late King or Kgosi Lebone Edward Molotlegi and mother of current King or Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi of Bafokeng.
She was also the mother of
late King Kgosi Mollwane Molotlegi,
Princess Tirelo Molotlegi
Princess Motswana Molotlegi
Prince Bothata Molotlegi and late Prince Fosi Boemo

She was born a princess of Bamangwato of Botswana as the daughter of regent Kgosi Tshekedi Khama the uncle of Seretse Khama-Kgosi of baMangwato and first president of Botswana.
She is an aunt to the current Kgosi Ian Khama of baMangwato, former president of Botswana.

Bafokeng Royal Family, South Africa

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