Olu of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwuoli Godfrey Emiko

HM Olu (King) of Warri kingdom, Nigeria Ogiame Ikenwuoli Godfrey Emiko is the late monarch of the Warri kingdom of Itsekiri ethnic group of Delta state Nigeria

He was the 20th king of Warri kingdom of the itsekiri ethnic group succeeding his late brother Olu of Warri Ogiame Atuwatse ii in 2015. He was married to Queen or Olori Mary Emiko with three children.

He passed away in December 2020 and was succeded by his nephew Prince Tsola Emiko who is the current King.

Warri kingdom or Iwerre kingdom today located mainly around Warri town, Delta sate, Nigeria was a kingdom that existed since 1480 by the itsekiri ethnic group. The kingdom was established by a Benin kingdom Prince. The itsekiri ethnic group were one of the earliest to have contact with the Portuguese at the coast leading to the exchange of culture and Christianity between the two. This can be seen in their form of dressing which is different from many Nigerian ethnic groups.

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