King Victor Thulare III Sekhukune of BaPedi, South Africa passes on

The south African nation woke up today with the shocking news that King (kgoshikgolo) Victor Thulare III SekhukuneΒ  of BaPedi or Pedi people of South Africa passed away. According to the official family address, he died due to covid19 complications on Wednesday January 2021

He is the son of late King Rhyane Thulare who died in 2007.

Photo : Hello Jane Furse

His uncle regent Sekhukhune iii laid a claim as the rightful king but his nephew has been officially installed as king of BaPedi according to a court ruling in 2018. He has been King for only 8 months since march 2020 after he was officially recognised by the government of South Africa

Photo : Twitter @thapelolekala


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