Kgoshi Billy Mampuru iii of BaPedi ba Mamone traditional authority, BaPedi Kingdom, South Africa

Kgoshi (Chief) Billy Sekwane Mampuru iii of BaPedi ba Mamone traditional authority under BaPedi Kingdom, South Africa has passed on.

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Photo courtesy of Jacob Zuma/twitter

He was crowned in 1999 after his mother had reigned as regent. He hails from the mampuru royal house, part of the larger Sekhukune royal family that reigns the BaPedi kingdom.

Photo courtesy of Sekhukhunetimes
The late Kgoshi with Prince Zukisani Ndamase, Inkosi Jongilanga and Princess Stella Sigcau ii of Mpondo Kingdom, South Africa
Photo by princess Stella Sigcau ii

He is the great grandson of Kgoshi Mampuru ii who was hanged in 1883 for killing his brother King Sekhukune of BaPedi due to throne succession issues.

Execution of his great grandfather
Photo : Wikipedia commons

He passes on two days after the death of his cousin King Victor Thulare iii Sekhukune of BaPedi. May he rest in eternal peace

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