Okuapehene of Akuapem, Ghana

Okuapehene of Akuapem traditional area (Okuapeman), Ghana Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III is the current monarch (Okuapehene) of Akuapem, Eastern region, Ghana.

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Photo : Okuapehene palace

The 34 year old became the youngest paramount chief in the eastern region after his coronation in 3rd May 2020.

Photo : Okuapehene palace

He left USA back to Ghana to be enthroned on the Okuapeman stool had been vacant since 2015 after death of his uncle late Paramount chief due to succession  dipsutes in the syakibea royal house.

Photo : Okuapehene palace

He is married

Photo : Okuapehene palace
Photo : Okuapehene palace

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