Queen mother Manyaku Thulare of BaPedi Kingdom, South Africa made regent

Queen mother Manyaku Thulare has been appointed regent of BaPedi Kingdom, South Africa. She is the mother of the late King Victor Thulare III Sekhukune who passed away in January 2021.

Late King Victor Thulare III left two wives and five children. However none of his children will inherit the throne because his wives were not nation or candle wives whose dowry is usually paid by the Kingdom nation.

Photo : PresidencyZa

It has also been revealed that the Kingdom will marry a candle wife from Lesotho to sire heirs to the royal household of the late King while the Queen mother remains regent.

This decision has also resulted in some disagreements with a faction of the group opting for the late King’s half brother Ernest Thulare to serve as regent.

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