Princess Stella Sigcau II of Mpondo Kingdom (aseQaukeni House), South Africa

HRH Princess Stella Sigcau II is a royal princess of Mpondo Kingdom (aseQaukeni House), South Africa. Mpondo Kingdom is a traditional kingdom of amaMpondo people of South Africa and is recognised by the government.

Photo : Princess Stella Sigcau II

She is the daughter of late Prince Ntsikayezwe Sigcau who was the son of late King Botha Sigcau of amaMpondo aseQaukeni. Her mother was born into the Madikizela family of Mpondo Kingdom.

Photo : woyisile photography

Princess Stella has two siblings Prince inkosi Jonguhlanga and princess zamafuku Sigcau. She was also named after her aunt the famous Princess Stella Sigcau who was premier of transkei government.

Photo : woyisile photography

The princess was a miss South Africa 1994 finalist during her youth days.

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