Princess MomaMfon Rabiatou Njoya of Bamoun, Cameroon passes on

Princess MomaMfon Rabiatou Njoya is a royal princess of the Bamoun people or kingdom of Cameroon. She is thedaughter of late Sultan Seidou Njimoluh Njoya and Mewouo Alima and granddaughter of the legendary King Ibrahim Njoya. She holds the title MomaMfon which means counsellor and coheir to the sultan. She and her brother the current sultan King Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya were crowned together in 1992. She passed away today 9th April 2021.

Photo : Nguon Festival

She did her primary studies in Foumban, then she continued secondary school in Yaoundé where she obtained her baccalaureate in 1966 at the Lycée Général-Leclerc in Yaoundé, being the first woman to have had the baccalaureate in the Noun. For her graduate studies, she went to England and France, with numerous internships all over the world, among others in language training at the University of Salamanca (Spain), and in training for teaching English in Brooklyn. (USA).

Coronation 1992

Princess Rabiatou was an English and Spanish teacher at Yaoundé Technical High School, and she taught business English classes at BTS. Then, she was a Spanish teacher at the École supérieure de Yaoundé (ENS) and a bilingual training teacher at INSA and EMIAC. From 1981 to 2007, she was communications director at the Higher Council for Sport in Africa (CSSA). She retired in 2007.

Princess Rabiatou was elected Momafon (adviser and co-heir to the king) in 1992 by the 18th king Bamoun. Subsequently, she created a charitable foundation whose role is to defend the human personality. She has written several poetic and theatrical works, and has been a member of the Network of Women Writers since 1975.

Recently, she was active as manager of the RCN (Radio communautaire du Noun). She wrote, published and was active in the socio-cultural life of Noun and Cameroon.

Princess Rabiatou won an award in Cairo (Egypt) in 1975. She had several recognitions including

  • 1986: Spanish Merit Officer
  • 1994: officer of the Cameroonian Order of Merit
  • 2006: Knight of the Order of Valor.

Bamoun (Bamun) people are an ethnic group currently inhabiting Cameroon. They formerly existed as a monarchical nation called kingdom of Bamun ruled by kings or sultans. Today the monarch of the Bamoun still exist but only as a traditional entity, however thhey hold immense unseen power with their people. His traditional title is Mfon which is translated as king and sultan, king of his people and sultan as leader of Islam in his kingdom.

Photos supplied by Prince Bamoun Sadou Daoudou Njoya

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  1. Toutes nos condoléances à la grande famille royale et au peuple Bamoun.
    Nous sommes vraiment choqués par cette disparition.
    Nos coeurs signent abondamment.,😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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