Kabowei Royal Family, Nigeria

King (Pere in local language) Shadrack Erebulu Aduo III is the current reigning monarch or King of Kabowei kingdom. Crowned in 2017, he is the son of late King (Pere) Lucky Erebulu Aduo II.

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Queen or Alamerefa Cynthia Erebulu is the wife of current reigning monarch King (Pere) Shadrack Erebulu Aduo III of Kabowei kingdom found in Nigeria.

King Shadrack Erebulu Aduo III is a first class king and the youngest king among the ijaw tribe which occupies the rich oil region of the Niger delta in southern Nigeria.

They are blessed with two sons and have been King and Queen since 2017.

The royal couple are also lawyers by profession, The queen is a magistrate and the king is off legal practice fully.

All photos courtesy of the King and Queen

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