Ikosi /Chief Sipho Etwell Mahlangu

HRH Ikosi (Chief) Sipho Etwell Mahlangu of Ndundza Mabusa traditional authority of Ndundza mabhoko or Ndzundza Ndebele people of South Africa. He succeded his late father as chief in 2005.

He was also chairman of the national house of traditional leaders, South Africa since 2017, a position which had been held by his father before he died in 2005.

He was the son of late Chief Prince James Senzangakhona Mahlangu and a first cousin of HM King (Ingwenyama) Mabhoko iii Mbusi of Ndzundza Mabhoko or Ndzundza Ndebele people of South Africa. His grandfather was King (Ingwenyama) Mabusabesala ii who died in 1992. He was married with two daughters.

Chief Etwell Mahlangu suddenly passed on Friday 16th July 2021. He has been hailed as an exceptional traditional leader in South Africa. May he rest in eternal peace.

He was buried at the Ndzundza Mabusa traditional royal home on Friday 23rd 2021 at a funeral attended by government representatives, royal families and friends. May our ancestors receive him in their sacred lands.

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