The Giant King Mwami Mutara III Rudahigwa of Rwanda

King or Mwami Mutara III Rudahigwa was born in 1911 to King Yuhi V and his eldest wife Queen Kankazi of Rwanda . He became king in 1931 and reigned the Kingdom of Rwanda for 28 years.

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The massive tall king was married firstly to nyiramakomali (divorced) and later to Queen or Mwamikazi Rosalie Gicanda who was killed during the rwanda genocide. He was succeeded by his brother King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa.

Mwami or King Mutara suddenly passed away in 1959 25 July after visiting a belgian doctor in Bujumbura kingdom of Burundi where he had gone for a meeting with catholic missionaries.His death became a mystery as his royal aide admitted to the king being in good health. The belgian doctors claimed he collapsed of while another claimed he had a reaction from penicillin injection. However there are claims of him being assassinated.

King Mutara III Rudahigwa of Rwanda funeral

The three royals are buried at Mwima hill where a mausoleum has been built a few kilometres from the Nyanza royal palace.

Nyanza Royal compound with both the modern white palace and traditional Palace. It is now Kings museum
King Mutara iii Rudahigwa of Rwanda with his Inyambo or long horned royal cattle
Some rwanda royal family members today photographed at the palace
Royal Great grand nieces amd nephews at King Mutara grave
Some members of the Rwanda royal family at King Kigeli v of Rwanda funeral 2017
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