Mombela Kingdom, Jere Ngoni of Malawi

Mombela kingdom is a precolonial kingdom of the Ngoni people (Jere clan) of Malawi. Today it is located in Mzimba District in the Republic of Malawi.

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The ngoni people of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe are part of the larger nguni speaking tribes of the southern African region. They escaped the Shaka Zulu Mfecane wars in South Africa and settled in their present locations.

Mombela kingdom of Jere Ngoni is headed by a monarch called Inkosi ya Makosi which is translated as King or paramount chief. The current Inkosi ya Makosi is Mbelwa v who succeeded his late father Inkosi ya makosi Mbelwa IV in 2013 (reigned 1984-2013).

Inkosi ya makosi Mbelwa v married in a royal traditional ceremony and white royal wedding.

Photos courtesy of inkosi ya makosi Mbelwa v /Facebook

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