Paramount chief advocate Vekuii Rukoro of Herero people of Namibia (1954-2021)

Paramount chief (King) Advocate Vekuii Reinhard Rukoro was the reigning monarch of the Herero people of Namibia. He passed away after covid19 at the age of 66.

He succeded the ovaHerero traditional authority of Herero people of Namibia in 2014 after the sudden death late regent Fanuel Tumbee who died weeks on the throne.

Born in 1954 he was educated in Namibia and abroad where he obtained a degree in law. He was once SWANU party secretary General and president in 1989. In 1990 he was appointed deputy minister of justice of Namibia. He also served as attorney General until 1995 under SWAPO, the first black attorney General of Namibia

The career monarch has previously served as director of sanlam, CEO of first National bank of Namibia and chairman meat corporation of Namibia.

With president and first lady of Namibia

His late wife  Meriam Rukoro died in 2017 but  remarried to Dina Rukoro.He had children among them twins.

He will be largely remembered by the Herero people for championing the payment of reparations to his people by the German government for the Herero and nama people massacre in 1904-1908. He dies a few weeks after he condemned the arrangement of the German and Namibian government on reparations.

He president of Namibia declared a state funeral in his honour. Family, friends, ovaHerero public, traditional leaders attended his funeral clad in ovaHerero traditional attire. His body was first escorted to his partenal homestead before being buried at the Royal gravesite reserved for ovaHerero monarchs. May he rest in eternal peace.

Son – Nguvitjita Rukoro
Wife Dina Rukoro

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