Nyim (King) Kot a Mbweeky III of Kuba kingdom, DRC

King (Nyim) Kot a Mbweeky III of Kuba kingdom, Democratic Republic of Congo or the Bakuba people.

Born Kwete Mboke, He is the 125th king of this kingdom established in 1625. He was enthroned in 1969 and is the current King. The King according to tradition cannot sit on the ground, cannot cross a cultivated field. Only his cook is allowed to see him eating, always travels with him and his cooking utensils

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Prince Guy Kwete of Kuba

Prince Guy Kwete of Kuba kingdom, DRC.
3rd Son of current King (Nyim) Kot a Mbweeky III of Kuba kingdom (BaKuba people).

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He is a potential candidate for the throne of his father. Prince Guy Kwete is the first son to be educated abroad receiving his primary education in France, undergraduate education in USA and masters degree in international relations at the London school of economics UK.

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He is the founder of Central Africa business cooperative and the Kuba kingdom project that aims to preserve the culture in DRC.

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