Mwami (King) Desire Rugemanizi II Kabare of Kabare kingdom of Shi (Bushi) people of DRC Congo

HM King (Mwami) Nabushi XXVIV Desire Rugemanizi II Kabare of Kabare kingdom of Shi (Bushi) people of DRC Congo. He succeeded his late father in 1998 as king. His title nabushi means owner of the Shi.

He is the son of late Mwami (King) Albert Ntayitunda Kabare, a famous Doctor in Kinshasa and Queen (Mwamikazi) Benedicte Kabare, born Princess Ngweshe.

His grandfather Mwami (King) Alexandre Rugemanizi Kabare famously known as zero zero once slapped a belgian colonial white man forcing him to be exiled while fighting for independence.

Born in 1958,he was schooled in France where he fell in love with football henceforth joining the Marseille football club academy.

Mwami Desire Kabare currently serves as deputy provincial administrator for Territory under government. King Kabare serves as a senator under president Kabila and a deputy under president Mobutu.

His role as king is keeper of traditional and cultural matters, overseer of land, agriculture and forests under Kabare people. He partnered with asili foundation to ensure water service provision to his kingdom. His traditional royal palace (ibwami) is located near the Kahuzi Biega national Park. It is a hub for visitors who get to to interact with the traditional dancers and get a view of traditional architecture and artefacts.

King Desire Rugemanizi II Kabare has 14 children Prince (Muluzi), Princess (Muluzi munyere) namely;

Special thanks to Mwami Kabare and Alexandre Rugemanizi Kabare

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