Wedding of Yusuf Buhari to Princess Zahra Nasir Bayero – Royal presidential wedding

Nigerias president’s son Yusuf Buhari married Princess Zahra Nasir Bayero of Bichi and Kano Emirate, Nigeria on 20th August 2021 at a 3 day ceremony attended by the presidents family, Princess family, government officials, Nigerian royals, friends etc.

Yusuf Buhari is the only son of president Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria while Zahra Bayero is the daughter of HRH Emir Alhaji Nasiru Ado Bayero of Bichi Emirate, Nigeria. Her father is also brother to HRH Emir Alhaji Aminu Bayero of Kano

Yusuf was studying at the University of Surrey UK while Zahra is a final student of architecture also in UK. The wedding started with various ceremonies on Thursday and the Muslim fatiha on Friday, followed by a reception banquet in the evening. Yusuf paid a dowry of 500000 Naira to Zahra.

On Sunday President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria held a banquet in Abuja in their honour, attended by close government officials and foreign excellencies.

Princess Zahra Nasir Bayero had a bachelorett party themed Disney frozen with her close friends.

A delegation sent by President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria was received on Monday 28th June 2021 by the brides uncle Emir Alhaji Dr Aminu Ado Bayero of Kano Emirate, Nigeria at the palace. Wedding set to take place in late August or September

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