Coronation of King Oyo Rukidi IV of Tooro Kingdom, Uganda 1995

Wishing HM King (Omukama) Oyo Rukidi IV of Tooro Kingdom, Uganda a happy 26th coronation anniversary.

Second most famous and influential ugandan King Now 29 years, he was crowned world’s youngest King in 1995 when he succeded his late father King (Omukama) Patrick Olimi III Kaboyo.

King Oyo Rukidi IV is the son of Queen mother Best Kemigisa Olimi and sibling to Princess (omumbiitokati) Royal Ruth Komuntale and late princess (omumbiitokati) Celia Komukyeya.

The King has brought so much light and development in his kingdom particularly through tourism and investments. His role is majorly cultural however he has unseen influence among the batooro people.

His official residence Karuziika Tooro royal palace is located at the Hill overlooking the Fort Portal city. The palace grounds are open to the public for visit

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