Sakalava kingdoms of Madagascar

Sakalava are an ethnic group of Madagascar. They were organised into different tribal monarchies headed by different dynasties. Particularly of interest is that they allowed female succession, with some kingdoms being ruled by only women.

The Sakalava kingdoms included

  • Sakalava Bemihisatra of Nosy Be
  • Sakalava Bemihisatra of Analalava
  • Sakalava Bemazava /Nosy Faly
  • Sakalava Menabe

Sakalava Menabe

Late Princess Georgette Kamamy, ruler of Sakalava people of Menabe, Madagascar (2004-2019). She was in charge of traditional rituals and ceremonies among her people until her death aged 81 in 2019.

Sakalava Bemihisatra of Nosy Be

The Sakalava Bemihisatra of Nosy Be kingdom was the most notable according to history. This is particularly due to their Queen Binao who has succeded her mother and ruled until her death in 1927. She was succeeded by her younger brother King Amada 1 (died 1969). Queen Fatoma took over then Soulaimana Andriantsoly (1994-2005). Their latest was King Amada II who succeeded his late brother in 2005 and reigned until his death in 2011.

Sakalava Bemihisatra of Analalava

The monarchs title was Mpanjaka. Their most recent monarchs were late Princess Soazara Augustine who died in 2017 and was succeeded by her daughter Mpanjaka Zalifa Bente Salim.

Sakalava Bemazava of Nosy Faly

This group called their king, Mpanjaka. Their first photographed King was Tsiaraso I who died in 1919. He was succeeded in order by; Queen Tsiresy II – King Rachidy – King Tsiaraso II – King Tsiaraso III. Their current King is King Tsiaraso IV Rachidy who has been monarch since 1993.

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