Royal Weding of King Zwelozuko Luzuko Matiwane of AmaMpondomise, South Africa

It was all cheers and celebrations as King (Kumkani) Zwelozuko Luzuko Matiwane married Princess Siyonwabele Langa as his great royal wife. King Luzuko Matiwane is the current reigning King of Amampondomise Kingdom of AmaMpondomise people of South Africa. This Kingship of the Mpondomise people was officially recognized by the South African Government in 2020. Princess Siyonwabele a graduate chemical engineer is the daughter of Chief (Nkosi) Bakhulule Phikolomzi Langa of AmaNgcwangule clan, Zwaligugi traditional authority under Mpondo Kingdom, South Africa. The newlywed couple was betrothed in late April this year at a Dowry ceremony whereby the King and his royal family paid 70 heads of cattle to the Amangcwangule royal house. She becomes theQueen and great royal wife who will bear sons to succeed the throne, a popular tradition in many Nguni royal houses of South Africa.

Betothral and Dowry payment

The Mpondomise kingdom paid 70 heads of cattle as lobola for Princess Siyonwabele Langa, daughter from the amangcwangule royal house of Mpondo Kingdom of amaMpondo people of South Africa. This royal intermarriage between the two Kingdoms further cements the relationship which has existed from the twins Mpondo and Mpondomise who were originators of the two kingdoms.

AmaBHaso (farewell / Gifting ceremony)

The royal festivities were initiated on the previous weekend when a ceremony was held as a farewell or gifting ceremony at her home. This ceremony is called amaBhaso.

Photos ; Lithemba Langa

White Royal Wedding

The white royal church wedding was held on Friday 23rd September 2021 conducted according to the Christian beliefs. It was a small family and friends garden gathering whose theme seemed to be light pink or peach which most guests adorned. The Groom King Luzuko Matiwane looked dapper in a black gold button Suit while the Bride Queen Siyonwabele Langa wore a white gown and veil.

Photos ; Lithemba Langa

Traditional Royal Wedding

The epitome of the royal wedding was the traditional wedding where culture and traditions are the main focus. As King and Queen, they are keepers of royal tradition, customs, and culture n their kingdom. Guests clad in their traditional outfits flocked at the groom’s royal compound at Upper Kroza great place to witness it. The King wore a navy blue traditional suit accompanied by his head beaded band while the queen wore a white and black Mpondomise dress adorned with pearls. As the great royal wife whose dowry or lobola is paid by the nation, she underwent different rites that marked her entry into the royal house. Among the rites were spearing the ground with a spear and wearing the leopard skin. Thereafter celebrations continued with Mpondomise dances and songs while they watched on their thrones.

Photos ; Lithemba Langa

Congratulations to the Royal Couple.

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