Sultan King Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya of Bamoun, Cameroon passes on.

Sultan and King (Nfon) Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya of Bamoun people of Cameroon has passed away. He died in Paris France where he was receiving treatment after covid19 complications.

He was the 19th reigning monarch of the Bamoun people of Cameroon who formerly inhabited the Bamoun Kingdom.
Previously he served in various capacities in the Cameroonian government such as minister of Sports, ambassador and Senator.

He succeded his late father sultan Seidou Njimoluh Njoya in 1992 whereby his was crowned Nfon (King) alongside his sister late Princess MomaMfon Rabiatou Njoya. He is the grandson of the legendary sultan Ibrahim Njoya.

King Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya held two titles King of Bamoun and sultan as the head of Muslims in his kingdom. He resided in the Foumban royal palace that was built by his grandfather in 1917. He is married to 9 wives with 30 children.

He was buried on Friday 7th October 2021 and was immediately succeded by his son Sultan King Nabil Mbombo Njoya. His body arrived from France on Thursday. The funeral was attended by the prim minister of Cameroon representing the president, government officials, senators, royal family, Bamoun people.

To mark his 83rd birthday through King Njoya foundation, the sultan King Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya of Bamoun people of Cameroon donates 150 wheelchairs to the handicapped.

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