Decorated lieutenant colonel King Nzolameso Antonio of Bambata or Zombo kingdom of Angola has passed away

HM King Nzolameso Antonio of Bambata or Zombo kingdom, Angola has passed away.

King Nzolameso Antonio passed away on 8th October 2021 at 2 am in Luanda after a brief illness.

He is a Angolan decorated lieutenant colonel who served in the 19th group of angolan armed forces that fought for 6 years against apartheid in southern Angola further helping ANC South Africa and SWAPO Namibia. He was honoured with a medal alongside fellow members by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola.

Zombo or Bambata was one of the many vassal states of the great Kongo kingdom

The news were announced by his nephew Prince Mfumu Makitu of kizulu tribe

He served and fought for his nation, he reigned as king for his kingdom, what better achievement than this.

R. I. P.

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