African Royal Titles

A Compilation of various royal titles in local languages and address from common english substitutes. Note some may lack direct substitutes and meanings differ in different royal monarchies. Information may also be prone to errors in translation to english. The names may also mean differently from their address

eSwatini (Kingdom of eSwatini)

King – Ingwenyama (lion, actual name for lion is libhubesi) or Inkhosi

Queen Mother (King’s mother) – Indlovukati (she- elephant)

Reigning King’s wife – Inkhosikati ,plural is Emakhosikati

Late King’s wives – Balodolozi

Prince or Princess – Umntfwanenkhosi (child of a king) or Lizinyane used child of a reigning King, Plural is Emazinyane. Lizinyane means lion’s cub

Chief – Sikhulu , wife is Inkhosikati. (Only men serve as chiefs, wome can serve only as Regents
Governor = indvuna

(Special Acknoweldgement to Hussein Mncedisi Arnold)

Lesotho (Kingdom of Lesotho)

King – Motlotlehi

Queen – Mofumahali Motlotlehi

Prince – Khosana

Princess – Khosatsana

Principal chief – Morena oa Sehloho

Chief – Morena

Chieftainess – Mofumahali (also used for married women)

(Special Acknowledgement to Queen Sekhothali Mabhena )

Morocco (Kingdom of Morocco)

King formerly was sultan

Princess consort – title first given by king mohammed VI to his wife Lalla Salma in 2001

Prince – title accompanied by Moulay (male line)

Princess – title accompanied by Lalla (male line)

Lalla – title for female royal members of the male line

Sharifa – title for royal women born of female line

Moulay – title for royal men of the family


King – Mwami/Umwami

Queen – Mwamikazi (title never exsted before and was only used by Queen Roaalie gicanda0

Queen mother – Umugabekazi

Prince – Igikomangoma

Princess – Igikomangomakazi

(Special Acknowledgement to Prince Mutijima of Rwanda)


Emperor – Negusa Nagast

Empress (Female ruler) – Negesta Nagastat

Empress consort / wife of emeperor – Itege

King – Negus ( Used by rulers of inflntial provinces/kingdoms under ethiopia)

Leul – Prince

Leelt – Princess

Ras – Duke

Bahr Negus – King of Medri bahri kingdom today ethiopia (means King of Sea)

(Source ; Wikipedia)


Zulu Kingdom of AmaZulu people, South Africa

King – Ingonyama or ISilo among others

Queen – uMkankosi (wife of King), uNdlunkulu (plural iNdlunkulu) used by ladies who marry into the royal family,

Queen Mother – Indlovukazi (also applied to Queen regents)

Prince – UMntwana

Princess – UMntwana

Zinyane, Plural Amazinyane – children of a lion

Chief – iNkosi

Headman – Induna

(Special Acknowledgement to Thami Zulu)

Thembu, Xhosa, Rharhabe, Mpondo, Mpondomise Kingdoms, South Africa

King – iKumkani

Queen – iKumkanikazi

Queen Mother – iNdlunkulu (Great royal house)

Prince – iNkosana

Princess – iNkosazana

Chief – iNkosi

Ndebele Kingdom, South Africa (Manala and Ndzundza royal clans)

King – iNgwenyama

Queen – iNdlovukazi (used for great wife of royal blood)

Non royal wife – Kosikazi

Queen Mother – Ugogo Wesitjaba (Manala)

ngu Gogo westjhaba (Ndzundza)

Prince – ikosana

Princess – ikosazana

Chief – iKosi, wife called ikosikazi

(Special Acknowledgement to Queen Sekhothali Mabhena and Princess Simangaliso Mahlangu)

BaPedi Kingdom of Pedi people, South Africa

King – Kgoshikgolo

Queen – Kgoshikadi

Queen Mother

Prince –



BaLobedu Queendom of Lobedu people, South Africa

Queen – Modjadji (rain queen)

Prince –

Princess –

Chief –

VhaVenda, South Africa

King – Khosikhulu (Mphephu Ramabulana royal house)

King – Thovhele (other groups)

Prince –


Chief –

Tswana people, South Africa

King or Chief – Kgosi

Queen – Kgosikgadi/Mmarona

Other Common titles

Kgosi/Kgoshi/ Hosi/ Nkosi/ Inkosi / Inkhosi – Chief, some use it for King

Kgosigadi / Hosikazi / Inkosikazi/ Inkhosikati – wife of a Chief, some use it for Queen


Tooro Kingdom & BunyoroKitara kingdoms, Uganda

King – Omukama (actual meaning is Milkman)

Queen – Omugo (Wife of Omukama)

Queen Mother (King’s mother) – Namasole

Prince – Omubiito

Princess – Omubiitokati

Buganda kingdom of BaGanda people, Uganda

King – Kabaka

Queen – Nnabagereka

King’s sister – Lubuga (installed with the king as advisor)

King’s sister – Nnalinya (incharge of royal tombs)

Queen Mother ( King’s mother) – Namasole

Prince – Omulangira (means male royal member)

Princess – Omumbejja (means female royal member)

Clan Chief – Bataka

Rwenzururu kingdom, Uganda

King – Omusinga

Queen – Nyabaghole

Ankole / Nkore Kingdom of Ankole people, Uganda

King – Omugabe

Busoga kingdom of Soga people, Uganda

King – Isebantu Kyabazinga

Lango people

Paramount Chief – Won Nyaci

Acholi people

Paramount Chief – Rwot

Alur people

King/Chief – Rwoth Ubimu

BuGwere/baGwere people

King – Ikumbania

Kooki people

Monarch – Kamuswaga

Queen – Omugo

BaRuuli people

Monarch (King or chief) – Isabaruuli

Teso people

Monarch/ Paramaount chief – Emorimor

BaGisu/BaMaasaba people

Monarch – Umukuuka

Banyala people

Monarch – Ssabanyala or Omukama

Bwamba people

King – Omudhinginya (meand Elephant)

Padhola people

Monarch – Kwar Adhola

Busongora people

King- Omukama previously Omubiito

Queen – Omugo

Queen mother – Omugabekati


King – Oba or Kabiyesi gemerally for Yorubas and used as a prefix before their name but specific titles for specific monarchies

King – Igwe gemerally for Igbos and used as a prefix before their name but specific titles for specific monarchies


Olu – King of Warri kingdom of Itsekiri peple

Obong – King of Efik peple

Ndidem – King of Qua or Ejagam people

Oba- King of Benin kingdom of Edo people

Ooni – King of Ife kingdom of Yoruba people 9SOURCE OF yorubas race0

Alaafin – King of Oyo empire

Muri Munene – King of Efut people

Elegushi – King of Ikate kingdom

Alara – King of Ilara

Onisabe – King of Igbobi sabe

Sarkin (Enir) – rulers of most Northern nigeria emirates

Shehu – Ruler of borno, bama

Etsu – Ruler of Nupe, Patigi etc

Oniru – King of Iru kingdom

Olowu – King of Igbara oke, King of Owu kuta

Oluwo – King of iwo

Pere – King of Kabowei Kingdom

Oluboropa – King of Iboropa

Amayanabo / Amanyanabo – King of Kalabari , King of Ke, King of Ogichiri

Olofa – King of Offa

Abepa – King of Joga

Oliyere – King of Iyere

Timi – King of Ede

Obi – King of Oligbo

Odemo – King of isara

Onipokia – King of Ipokia

Dein – King of Agbor kingdom

Ataoja- King of Osogbo,

Deji – King of Akure


Queen – Olori means wife of Oba (Yorubas)

Queen – Lolo (Igbos)

Queen mother / Kings mother – Iya oba

Oloi – queen consort to Oba of Benin kingdom

Alamerefa – Queen consort of Pere of Kabowei

Yeyelowu – first queen of Olowu of Owukuta

Yeyesa – First wife of Oliyere of Iyere

Ayaba – queen of Oyo

Anasi Obi – Queen consort to Obi of Oligbo

child of king – OmoOba


Manikongo – King of Kongo people/ kingdom

Mwami Naluhwindja – King of Luhwindja kingdom

Mwami Nakaziba – King of Kaziba kingdom

Nyim – King of BaKuba kingdom, Kuba people

Mwami nabushi – King of Kabare kingdom,Shi people

Mulopwe – emperor or king of Luba,

Mwaant Yaav – Emperor of Lunda empire/ people

Kiamvu or Kiamfu – King of Kasongo Lunda people

Eastern DRC kingdoms (Cheferrie)

Most commonly, other titles differ

King – Mwami

Queen/ queen mother – Mwamikazi

Kabare kingdom of Shi people, South Kivu DRC Congo

King – Mwami

Queen – Makamba

Queen mother – Mwamikazi

Prince – Muluzi

Princess – Muluzi Munyere

Chiefs – Bajinji

Kingdom – Bwami (can also mean royal court or palace)

(Special Acknowledgement to Prince Alexandre Kabare)

Bukumu Kingdom of Bakumu people, North Kivu DRC Congo

King – Mwami

Queen – Mwamikazi

Queen mother – Omugabekatsi

Prince – Mutwali

Kings brother – Muruti

Princess – Murutinyere

(Special Acknowledgement to Mwami Kahembe Isaac Butsitsi)


Nfon/Fon/Mfon – Title for King of Bamoun people, King of Bana, King of Balikumbat, King of Bafut, King of Babungo, King of Bafaw, King of Mankon,

Fo/ Fo,o – Title for King of Baham, King of Bamendjou, King of Bakondji, King of Bafoussam,

FoA-Djo- King of Bandjoun

Sultan – Title for Muslim rulers of Wandala/Mandara, Ruler of Logone-Birni, Ruler of Bouba, King of Bamon

Lamido – Title for Ruler of Bibemi, Ruler of Mokolo, Ruler of Maroua, Ruler of Mogode,, Ruler of Ngaoundere,

Princess Coheir – Momamfon (Bamoun people)


Inkosi ya makosi – Title for King of maseko ngoni, king of jere ngoni, King of Ngoni of tanzania

Inkosikazimkhulu – Title for Queen of Maseko Ngoni

Indlovukazi – Title for Queen mother of Ngoni clans,, also used for queen of Jere Ngoni

Themba la mathemba Chikulamayembe – Title for king of Tumbuka people

Kyungu – King of Ngonde people

Inkosana – Title for Prince of the Ngoni clans

Inkosazana – Title for Princess of the Ngoni clans


Nabongo – King of Wanga people

Haye ywe Ngaji  – King of Pokomo

Oloibon/ Laibon – ruler of Maasai people

Orkoiyot – Political and spiritual ruler of Nandi people

Mugwe – King/Spiritual leader of Meru people


Ntemi/ Mtemi – king or chief of the Sukuma people

Sultan – ruler of Zanzibar sultanate

Mwami – King of Ha people of western Tanzania


Asantehene – Title for King / emperor of Ashanti

Asantehemaa – Title for Queenmother of Ashanti

Naa – Title for King of Wala people

Ga Mantse – Title for King of Ga people

Awoamefia – Title for King of Anlo Ewe people

Yaa Naa- Title for King of Dagomba people or Dagbon Kingdom

Bakwu Naba – Title for Ruler of Bakwu people

Nayiri – Title for King of Mamprusi people of Mamprong kingdom

Yabbongwura – title for King of Gonjs people/ kingdom

Okyehene – Title for King of Okyeman people/ Akyem Abuakwa people

Okuapehene – title for ruler of Akuapem area of Okuapeman people


Kotoko – Title for Sultan of Gaoui

Mbang – Title for Sultan of Barguimi

Kolak – Title for Sultan of Wadai


Reth – Title for King of Shilluk (Chollo) people, shilluk kingdom

Sultan – Title for monarch of Darfur sultanate, Fur people

Nyie – Title for King of Anuak/Anyuak/ Anywaa people


Mwene Kongo / Manikongo – King of Kongo kingdom of BaKongo people

Mwene Mbandu – King of Mbunda kingdom of Ovimbundu people

Ngola – King of Ndongo kingdom

Mwene Vunongue – King of Ganguela or Nganguela people

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