Traditional monarchs of Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is a country located in the central heart of Africa near Chad and Congo. It has been in political turmoil for many years and is probably famous for its president turned self proclaimed Emperor Jean Bedel Bokassa of Central African empire which lasted from 1976-1979.

However before colonialism, the region already had tribal monarchies which had existed for a long long period of time. These dynasties still exist today with some having successors to the ceremonial thrones.

Sultan of Bangassou

HM Sultan of Bangassou, Central African Republic, Maxime Faustin Mbringa Takama. He has been monarch since 2011. He is sometimes referred to as king or chief.

Sultanate of Bangassou was founded in 1700 by the Bandia people of the Central African region

Sultan of Vakaga / Birao

Sultan of Vakaga, Central African Republic, Ahamat(Ahmad) Moustapha AmGabo. He is also referred to the sultan of Birao which is the capital of Vakaga. He also serves as the mayor of Birao.

Vakaga and birao region had been at war between government troops and armed rebels forcing the UN troops to be deployed there.

Sultan of Dar el Kuti / N’dele

Sultan Ibrahim Kamoun Senoussi of Dar al Kuti, Central African Republic. He is also referred to as Sultan of N’dele whish he also serves as  mayor. He is a descendant of the famous colonial sultan Mohammed el Sénoussi who ruled from 1890 – 1911.

Sultan of Rafai

Sultan of Rafai, Central African Republic, Joseph Hetman el Roosalem.

Rafai sultanate was a precolonial nation founded in the 1800 in Central African region. Previously known as kingdom of chinko

Central African empire (House of Bokassa)

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