HM Olowu of Owu Kuta kingdom, Nigeria, Oba Adenkule Oyelude Makama Togbesun III

HM Olowu (King) Oba Dr Adekunle Oyelude Makama Tegbosun III is the current reigning king of Owu Kuta Kingdom, Nigeria. Born in 1964, he is a direct descendant of the founder of Owu Kuta Kingdom. He succeeded onto the throne in 2012. He is the King of Owu Kuta, chairman of supreme council of Owu Obas (17 kings) , member of Iwo traditional council, member of Osun state Council of Kings. King Makama is married with children

History of Kuta Kingdom

Kuta Kingdom 

Kuta Kingdom is the historical Owu-Kuta that was established in the Mid-15th Century after their migration from Orile-Owu, the ancestral headquarters of all Owus led by its founder, the Great Akindele Anlugbua who won several wars with tremendous success at the undefeatable protector of his people
Akindele was one of the sons of the first Olowu of Owu-Ipole, HRM Oba Ajibosin Asukungbade whose mother was Olawumi Iyanude, daughter of Oduduwa of Old Ife dynasty.
Princess Iyanude is the mother of Owu Kingdom. She was the first child among the seven children of Ojodu. Akindele’s only son was Morolahun who became the first Olowu of Kuta (1457-1552).
The Olowu of Kuta became officially recognised as a First-Class King since 1966. The Kuta Kingdom has 24 Bales and 23 villages, four (4) of which have expanded into towns namely: Ikoyi-Kuta, Aiyedade, Railway Station and Konkon. Till date, the four Ruling Houses of Kuta emerged from the four male sons of Morolahun.

Kuta, which now has an estimated population of about ninety-thousand is served by many villages which include among others Konko, Olodu the Railway Station, Kejo, Arugbode, Egan Aro, Aba Owu, and Alagba. Kuta exists along with an adjoining community of Ikoyi which has a separate population and a ruler (the Olukoyi) who is also a member of Kuta Traditional Council. The town has numerous compounds, three Primary Schools, two Nursery Schools, one Arabic School and two secondary Grammar Schools. It also has a Post Office, a Community Bank, a Dispensary, a Maternity Centre and a State Hospital. The three main religions of Islam, Christianity, and Traditional worships are practiced freely. Farming is the major occupation of the people. However, trading, blacksmithing, dyeing and carpentry are also engaged in. The following Obas were known to have ruled over the community since its foundation, i.e from 1487 till date:
Oba Morolahun            1457-1552
Oba Tegbosun I             1552-1602
Oba Delumo             1602-1642
Oba Adeyi I               1642-1647
Oba Lanloye             1647-1772
Oba Omoni I             1772-1912
Oba Adekigbe Delumo II         1912-1937
Oba Oyelude Tegbosun II       1938-1962
Oba Akinloye              1965-1979
Oba Olalekan Omoni II         1980-1991
Oba Shittu Bamgbade Delumo III     1998-2011
Current Oba Adekunle HAmmed Adekunle Oyelude Makama Tegbosun III HM Olowu of Owu Kuta kingdom, Nigeria, Oba Adenkule Oyelude Makama Togbesun III

1st Senior Queen (Yeyelowu) Olori Fatima Adeola Oyelude Makama

HRH Senior Queen (yeyelowu ) or Olori Fatima Adeola Oyelude Makama of Owu Kuta kingdom, Nigeria. She is the first wife of HM King or Olowu oba Adenkule Oyelude Makama Togbesun iii of Owu Kuta kingdom, Nigeria. Together they have four children

Queen Olori Oluwaseyi Abebi Makama

Owu Kuta Palace

Aafin Olowu Kuta is the offcial residence of the King and his family. It is a working residence where he meets dignitaries and the public everyday from 10 am to 5 pm. It includes the Personal quarters of the king and family, Hall and a farm

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