Meet Africa’s oldest King at 105 years- Ohworode of Olomu kingdom, Nigeria

 Meet HM Ovie Dr. Richard Layeguen Ogbon, Oghoro 1 – The current reigning Ohworode (Monarch) of Olomu kingdom of Urhobo people, Delta state Nigeria. Born in 1917 20th January , the King recently turned 105 years making him the Oldest King in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. He could also be the oldest King in the world currently. Born in a polygamous family, his father had 6 wives. He started his education in 1936 taking the name Richard because schools then did not allow native names. He finished in 1943 despite working manual jobs.

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He later became a taecher on invitastion until his appointment as traditional ruler in 1974. The Olomu kingdom thone became vacant in1974 when the late king from the Uhurie royal house died. It became the turn for Umugoro royal house to select an heir to fill the position but they could not forcing a Interregnum of 6 years until 1980. Richard Layeguen Ogbon was selected by the Umugoro royal house among three candidated for the throne. With much heistsnt and unprepradeness he accepted .

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The old kIng has been married twice with 12 children. He married his first wife (later divorced) in 1949 with 8 children. Te years later after his divorce he married his second wife who gave him four children. His late daughter Ambassador Elizabeth Ogbon was the first female ambassador of nigeria.

The king is the chairman of Urhobo council of traditional leaders. His major role is cultural but he has esured and infleunced development of hs kingdoms through the Nigerian governemnt such as schools, roads etc.

Uniquely at such as age, the King can read without glasses, walk freely, drive on non busy roads.

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