Royal chiefs and Kings of Tanzania attend the Tamasha la Utamaduni Kilimanjaro

Royal chiefs and Kings of Tanzania gathered in kilimanjaro region to attend the kilimanjaro cultural festival /tamasha la utamaduni kilimanjaro  organised by Chief Frank Marealle of Marangu, Chagga people of Tanzania.

The event which was also attended by the public majorly from Moshi town of kilimanjaro region showcased the difference cultures of kilimanjaro region among them the Chagga people, Sukuma people, Maasai people, Arusha people among others in cultural dances and artefacts

The event was graced by President Samia Suluhu Hassan of Tanzania who was made head honorary chief hangaya of all chiefs.

The president who has been recognising the importance of traditional leaders and culture revealed that 92 royal kings and chiefs have been registered by the ministry of culture. Tanzanias traditional leaders were abolished with Tanzania independence but were slowly getting recognition by late president John Pombe Magufuli

She also revealed that the ministry of foreign affairs will ensure that the missing skulls of royal chiefs who were killed by the German colonialists and taken as treasure trophies for resisting colonialism will be returned by the German government.

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