Bakgatla kings of Botswana and South Africa

BaKgatla are a Tswana group currently inhabiting parts of southern Africa majorly Botswana and South Africa. They are divided into many group each headed by a monarch, a common tradition among the tswana speaking groups whose name tswana means people who could ot hold together. Princes often broke away and formed their own monarchies.

Bakgatla ba Kgafela, Mochudi, Botswana

Bakgatla ba Kgafela people are a group of Bakgatla found in Botswana and South Africa. Their main base is in Mochudi, Botswana. Their current Kgosikgolo (King or Paramount Chief) is Kgafela Kgafela II. He is the son of late Kgosikgolo Linchwe II who reigned from 1963-2007 and his wife late Mofumagadi Mma Seingwaeng Kathleen Nono Kgafela born Princess Kathleen Nono Motsepe of the Bakgatla ba Mmakau, South Africa. He is married to Mofumagadi Mma Matshego with children.

Bakgatla ba Mochane, Maubanestaad, South Africa

Bakgatla ba Mochane are another group of the Bakgatla people of southern Africa region. They are found in Maubanestaad, North West province, South Africa. Their current Kgosi (King or Paramount Chief) is Kgosi Phopolo Pontsho Maubane, he was former chairperson of the national house of traditional leaders, South Africa

Bakgatla ba Mmaanana, Thamaga, Botswana

Bakgatla ba Mmaanana are majorly found in Thamaga village, Botswana which is the royal capital. Their late Kgosi was Gobuamang Gobuamang 1947-2021.

Bakgatla ba Mocha /Motsha, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Bakgatla ba Mochane or Bakgatla ba Motsha are a group found in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Their late Kgosi was Kgosi Sello Makgatlho Harris Maloka who passed away in 2018. He famously used his pension to fight for his community land that was taken away to whites

Bakgatla ba Mmakau, Mmakau, South Africa

Bakgatla ba Mmakau are found in Mmakau, South Africa. In 2017,they were embroiled ina succession battle between Patrick Mmakau and Sepokeane Motsepe causing a community protest. The Motsepe family is descended from this royal clan. Father of first lady Tshepo Motsepe, Patrick Motsepe and Bridgette Motsepe was a royal kgosi of this clan.

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