Nkosikazi Nomandla Dorothy Mhlauli, South Africa

HRH Nkosikazi Nomandla Dorothy Mhlauli – Regent Chief of AmaHlubi Tribe in Peddie Eastern Cape, South Africa has been named the new Chairperson of the National House of Traditional Leaders, South Africa. Previously serving as Deputy Chairperson, she takes the over the position after late Ikosi Sipho Etwell Mahlangu passed away in 2020. This makes her the first Female Chairperson in South African history

She has been regent of the chieftancy for her son since 1997 after the death of his father in 1996. She was also born an amaMpondo Princess.

A nurse by profession she also holds various positions in South African tradition affairs namely

-Chairperson of National House of Traditional leaders
-Deputy Chairperson of National House of Traditional Leaders
-Member of Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders
-Member of National House of Traditional Leaders &  chairing in the Social Development Committee

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The national house of traditional leaders is like a parliament for royal chiefs who sit to advise the government on traditional matters and cultural issues. NHTL

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