King Mswati III opens the Fourth Session of the 11 Parliament

King Mswati III of Eswatini opened the fourth session of the 11th parliament at Lobamba on 4th February.

The session was attended by Eswatini legislators, parliamentarians and royals. Key points from the King’s speech included

@eswatini_government: His Majesty King Mswati III says, in 2022, the country will prioritise issues of youth empowerment by “creating an enabling empowerment environment for the youth’s innovation and creativity to flourish. His Majesty has been speaking when making his #SpeechFromTheThrone22 address during the State Opening of the Fourth Session of the 11 Parliament in Lobamba today.

HMK on Youth: “It is critical that our young people are given the appropriate skills that will empower them in economic growth initiatives of all scales. Our young people are encouraged to take advantage of the youth revolving & regional development funds.”

HMK on 2021 & Dialogue: “We ended the year with elements of division among the populace. This will not help the country move forward. As emaSwati we have a way of engagement, which is to sit down and dialogue. We now have a Constitution that is a product of national consultation and it also prescribes how to go about making amendments where the need arises.”

HMK on Dialogue: “We should not sway from this route. It provides that recommended changes to the constitution can start at Sibaya, which is the ultimate decision making body of our people, then taken to Parliament for adoption and promulgated into law.”

HMK on Dialogue: “We discourage the use of force and violence to influence change as we all deserve to live in peace. It is not a crime to have diverging views but engaging in dialogue creates a better outcome for all. Let us remain the peace loving emaSwati we are known to be.”

HMK on Infrastructure Rehab: “We can assure the Nation that Government and its agencies have developed a comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation programme.”

HMK on Vaccination: “I am here today proudly inoculated and as healthy as I can be. We urge those who still have doubts and fears, to put aside the myths and theories about the vaccines.”

HMK on Year Ahead: “Finally, we wish to state that this is our season to regain what we have lost, to rebuild what has been destroyed and to restore the peace. It is our season to reconcile our differences and map a strategic way forward to revive our first world aspirations.”

Information and photos by Eswatini Government

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