African royals at the British coronation 1953

Did you know that African Kings and Queens, patamount chiefs, sultans etc were invited to the British coronation? It is commonly known that European royals were mostly the attendees of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth ii of UK in 1953.

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Despite low coverage of our african royals (probably the English media didn’t know who they were) at the coronation i have found some few pictures which will remind us of our glorious royals at the world’s most famous coronation in history. There are pictures of them either arriving or leaving but not inside the abbey

  • King (Ingwenyama) Sobhuza ii of Eswatini then Swaziland
    • Queen Inkhosikati laMgunundvu Unabo Elizabeth
    • Princess Gcinaphi Dlamini
  • Kgosi (Paramount chief) Kgari Sechela of BaKwena of Botswana then Bechuanaland
  • King (Morena) Moshoeshoe ii of Lesotho then Basutoland (then prince Constantine Bereng Seeiso Griffith)
  • Sultan Sayyid Sir Khalifa II bin Harub Al-Said of Zanzibar
    • Sultana Sayidda Nunu of Zanzibar
    • Princess Sayyida Amal of Zanzibar
  • King (Kabaka) Mutesa II of Buganda kingdom, Uganda
    • Queen (Nnabagereka) Damali of Buganda
  • Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen of Ethiopia
  • King (Omukama) Sir George Rukidi III of Tooro Kingdom, Uganda
  • King (Omukama) Sir Tito Winyi IV of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom, Uganda and companion
  • King (Ooni) Oba Adesoji Aderemi of Ife, Nigeria
  • Paramount Chief Kawinga of Yao of Malawi then Nyasaland
  • Paramount Chief (Mangi mkuu) Thomas Marealle of Chagga tribe of Tanzania
    • Mrs (Mkamangi) Elifuraha Marealle
  • Paramount Chief David Kidaha Makwaia of Sukuma tribe of Tanzania
  • King (Litunga) Mwanawina III of Barotseland/Lozi people of Zambia
    • Prince Siisii Mwanawina
    • Prime minister and induna
  • Nabil Suleyman Daoud (representing the King of Egypt)

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Kgosi Kgari Sechela of BaKwena, Botswana then Bechuanaland

King Sobhuza II of Eswatini

King Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho then a prince

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Paramount Chief Thomas Marealle of Chagga tribe of Tanzania and wife

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King Sobhuza II of Eswatini then Swaziland

his wife Inkhosikati laMgunundvu Unabo Elizabeth

Daughter princess Gcinaphi

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Sultan Sayyid Sir Khalifa II bin Harub Al-Said of Zanzibar,

his second wife Sultana Nunu

Adopted daughter Princess Amal arrive in London 1953

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King (Omukama) Sir Tito WinyiIV of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom, Uganda and companion

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  1. Very interesting, and yes, it is a shame that the African royalty (and in some extent also Asian royalty) is so much overlooked at events like this. So I am very glad to see that you have been able to identify quite a few of those attending this historic occasion in London. Would you allow me to use that information on my own blog once I get around to write about the coronation? Thank you very much in advance and again; wonderful work in identifying the guests.

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