Traditional Kings of Togo

Togo is a country in West Africa located between Benin and Ghana. It derives its name from the Ewe word Togo which means Behind the River. The country like many others are rich in African traditions and customs particularly Voodoo religion and their markets. They had several ethnic/Tribal communities ruled by Monarchs each with their own local titles who can be translated to Kings or Paramount chiefs. The Togo governent majorly addresses them as “Chef Canton”. Below is a list of Togolese Traditional monarchs

Fiogan (King) of Togoville Mlapa

Togoville is a coastal town near Lake Togo, its ruler Mlapa III signed a treaty with the german colonials in 1884 making it a German protectorate. The modern country was also named Togo. The monarchs title is Fiogan and the current Fiogan (King) is Fiogan Joel Kwassi Mensah Mlapa IV. He has been Monarch since 2018.

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Ge Fioga of Glidji

Glidji is a traditional monarchy of the Gen/Guin people located in Aneho coastal town. It is famous for the Glidji Epe Ekpe Voodoo religious traditional New year festival in which the public all dressed in white turn up  whereby sacred stone, sought by a priest within a sacred walled-in forest. The stone’s color portends the fortunes of the coming year. Glidji has been ruled by a king called Ge Fioga since 1680. Its current monarch is Ge fioga (King) Sedegbe Foli Bebe XV who has been monarch since 1997.

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Aputaga of Aneho

Aneho is a coastal city in southern Togo, it was the major german colonial capital. It was also a amjor slave hub whereby in the 18th the king of Glidji appointed a “chief of the beach” (aputaga), a hereditary post chosen from among the Adjigo clan, descendants of the Fanti canoe merchant men, (Gayibor 1997:227). The current Aputaga is Aputaga Nana Anè Ohiniko Quam-Dessu XV since 2012.


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Togbe Ahuawoto of Lolan

Lolan is a community found in the town of Aneho. It is a traditional monarchy which has been ruled by a King titled Togbe Ahuawoto from the Lawson family since 1821. The former reigning monarch was Togbe Ahuawoto Savado Zankli Lawson VIII who passed on in 2020.


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Ouro of Bassar

Bassar is a famously known as the yam capital of Togo, producing the Labaco variety best for fufu. The area has an existing traditional monarch called Ouro who resides at the royal palace. A royal Mausoleum for late kings is also located where the public offer sacrifices and libations. The current King of Bassar is King (Ouro) Yawanke

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Porto Seguro (Agbodrafo)

Obue of Tchamba

Ewefiaga Togbe of Notse

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Ouro of Kpangalam


Togbe of Be

Soma of Tchokossi


AMADOU Rachid 2014

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Oura of Bafilo



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