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Kabaka or King Mutebi II Ronald Muwenda of Buganda kingdom is the current reigning monarch or King of Buganda kingdom, Uganda. Buganda kingdom is a traditional or subanational monarchy of the Baganda people of Uganda. Among others it is recognised in the Ugandan constitution as a cultural institution. Kabaka Mutebi II is the most prominent tradition King in Uganda.

Born in 1955, he is the son of late Kabaka (King) Mutesa II Frederick of Buganda who was also the first president of Uganda before being overthrown by prime minister Milton Obote. His mother was Lady Sarah kisosonkole, a favourite of his father’s many wives. His mother was also thhe younger sister of the official Queen (Nnabagereka) Damali Kisosonkole Kabaka Mutebi II attended his education in both Uganda and the United Kingdom and worked in the communication and journalism sector.

He was named heir aged 11 in 1966 which was confirmed in his late father’s will when he died in 1969. He succeeded as king but was officially crowned in 1993 in Buganda, Uganda.

King Mutebi II Ronald Muwenda is married (1999)to only one wife Queen (Nnabagereka) Sylvia Nagginda. Together they have a daughter Princess Katrina Sarah Ssangalyambogo and four other step children from the King. Despite having only one wife, the king according to Buganda culture is allowed to sire children from different clans of the Kingdom. The children include

  • Prince Jjuuju Krispin Suuna (holds title Kiweewa as first son and will become head of royal house but never King)
  • Princess (omumbejja) Victoria Nkinzi (also hokds the title Nnalinya)
  • Princess (omumbejja) Joan Nassolo
  • Princess (omumbejja) Katrina Sarah Ssangalyambogo
  • Prince (omulangira) Richard Ssemakookiro ( current crown Prince)

His roles are majorly cultural and confined to the buganda kingdom but highly influential. He ooens the buganda parliament also known as lukiiko which has a prime minister, budget and different sitting members to oversee the running of the Kingdom and its various investments. It is a very independent structure.

Kabaka Mutebi II is also involved in various humanitarian and cultural causes in his kingdom such as the kabaka run, supporting local communities, education, health etc

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