Kuomboka ceremony 2022 in Barotseland / Lozi kingdom, Zambia

Africa’s most unique water royal festival, Kuomboka Ceremony took place in Zambia in the Kingdom of Barotseland of the Lozi people.

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The ceremony called kuomboka means getting out of water is when the King (Litunga) of Barotseland kingdom or Lozi people moves from his Leaui summer palace which floods during the rainy season to his Limulunga winter palace located in higher grounds. The King’s sister Litunga la mboela also moves in a similar way later.

This year’s event was attended by current President of Zambia who rode along the King Lubosi Imwiko II n his elephant boat as it was peddled uostream by peddlers as the excited public watched on the river banks

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