Oba of Benin and his wives

Benin kingdom or empire is currently a traditional kingdom located in Nigeria. It is mainly inhabited by the Edo people and has existed since the precolonial days being referred in history as one of the most powerful empires in West Africa. It is also famous for its bronze sculptures and artwork that shocked the colonialists on arriving in their kingdom.

Oba (King) Ewuare ii of Benin, Nigeria

Their monarch is called an Oba which means King. The current King or Oba is Oba Ewuare ii (born prince Eheneden Erediauwa) who succeed led his late father Oba Erediauwa. He was educated in Nigeria, USA and UK. He has worked for United nations and as diplomat for Nigeria serving as ambassador for Angola, Italy, Sweden and accreditation to Denmark, Finland and Norway. He was crowned in 2016 as the 40th king for the Benin monarchy. He is currently married to 5 wives with both younger and old children.

Queen (Oloi) Iroghama Ewuare of Benin, Nigeria

Queen Iroghama is the first wife of HM King or Oba Ewuare ii of Benin kingdom, Nigeria. They married before he became monarch and previously held the title of Princess. Today she is commonly referred to as the queen mother of Benin since she is the first and oldest wife. She is also the mother of the current crown Prince Ezelekhae Ewuare who is the future King. She also has other children including :Princess (Barrister) Ikuyoyemwen Victoria Ewuare, Prince Obhagator Ewuare, Prince Igbinidu Ewuare

Queen (Oloi) Iyayota Ewuare

Queen Iyayota is the second wife of HM King or Oba of Benin kingdom, Nigeria. Together they have children including a prince born earlier this year.

Queen (Oloi) Ikpakpa Ewuare

Queen Ikpakpa Ewuare is another wife of HM King or Oba Ewuare ii of Benin kingdom, Nigeria.

Queen (Oloi) Owamagbe Ewuare

She is the fourth wife and older sister of the fifth wife. Together they have two children.

Queen (Oloi) Aisosa Ewuare

Queen Aisosa is the 5th wife of HM King or Oba Ewuare ii of Benin kingdom, Nigeria. She is the younger sister of the fourth queen. She was noticed by the king while visiting her sister. Together they welcomed quadruplets (three boys and one girl) on 7th August 2021.

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