Kings, Paramount chiefs and Chiefs of South Africa

South Africa is a rich nation full of different tribes and cultures that are celebrated on national heritage day. Most of these tribes have had monarchical institutions at either kingdom level or chieftancy levels. Some are officially recognised by government as kings, others as Principal traditional leaders, others as chiefs. The recognition issue is always debatable and their people call them kings

Below are a list of kings of South Africa

Officially government recognised Kings

King of AmaZulu

King of AmaXhosa

King of AmaNdebele

King of AmaMpondo

King of AbaThembu

King of VhaVenda

Cuurently in Regency by Vho Japan David Mphephu- Uncle to Toni Mphephu and Grand uncle to Princess Masindi

King of BaPedi

Queen of BaLobedu

King of AmaMpondomise

King of Rharhabe

Other traditional monarchs

BaTaung kgoshi

Kgosi Boikgantsho Justice SefanyetsoΒ of BaTaung boo Selale, South Africa

BaKgatla Kings in South Africa

BaKgatla people in South Africa are subdivided into major groups each with their own Kgosi (King). While they are considered Kings by their people, the South African government address them as Paramount chiefs. There is also BaKgatla ba Kgafela found in Neighbouring Botswana. Below is a a link about the BaKgatla Kings. The ones based in South Africa are;


BaTau are divided into further groups

  • BaTau ba Phaahla – Kgoshi Letsiri Ngwato Phaahla of Batau ba Phaahla
  • BaTau ba Masemola
  • BaTau ba Mogashoa
  • BaTau ba Kgaphola
  • BaTau ba Seloane
  • BaTau ba Photo

Kgoshi Letsiri Ngwato Phaahla of Batau ba Phaahla

Swati chiefs in South Africa

Mpumalanga province has a large population of Swazi/Swati people whose traditional chiefdoms still pay allegiance to King of Eswatini despite modern colonial drawn boundaries. Historically a large part of Mpumalanga province was under the influence of the Eswatini monarchy before colonialists came. These chiefdoms or royal kraals include:

  • Esandleni
  • Enikakuyengwa
  • Mfumbeni
  • Ebutsini
  • ENkhaba
  • Somcuba
  • Embhuleni
  • Mjindini
  • Msogwaba
  • Ka Sphezi
  • Mekemeke,

Gonaqua people

Gonaqua are considered to be descendants of Khoikhoi and Xhosa people

List incomplete due to their high number, we are still adding

Interested in the Nhlapo commission report on Determination of Traditional Kingships in South Africa, click link below

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