Chief Adam Abdul Sapi Mkwawa Mfwimi II of Hehe people of Tanzania

Chief Adam Abdul Sapi Mkwawa Mfwimi II of Hehe people of Tanzania is currently the reigning monarch of the Hehe people of Tanzania. He is son of late chief Abdul Sapi Mkwawa who died in 2015. Chief Adam Abdul Sapi Mkwawa was born on 9th August 2002

He succeeded his late father in 2015 at the age of 13 yrs and officially installed in june 2020 after reaching adulthood.

He is the descendant of the legendary chief Mkwawa whose skull was mentioned in the treaty of versailles by the colonial powers in 1918. Chief Mkwawa is hailed for resisting the German colonial rule and shot himself to avoid being captured. His skull was taken to Germany and was mentioned in 1918 at the treaty of versailles to be returned to his people. However is was not returned until 35 years later in 1954 by the British who had taken over tanganyika as the colonial power. The skull was received by his grandson chief Adam Sapi Mkwawa and is currently kept at a museum dedicated in his honour.

Chief Adam is a student of computer engineering and like any other young manis a fan of basketball.

His main royal residence located in Iringa has been inherited from father to son since 1949. Many royal chiefs in Tanzania had them built and are famously known as ikulu which means state house.

Photo : Fatmah Mkwawa

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