King (Mwami) Naluhwindja Tony Chibwire V of Luhwindja, DRC Congo (chefferie de Luhwindja)

Mwami (King) Naluhwindja Tony Chibwire V is the reigning traditional monarch of the Luhwindja kingdom today found in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Born in 1990,he succeded his late father in 2001 being crowned at a young age of 10/11. Luhwindja or chefferie de Luhwindja as it is commonly referred in Congo is a traditional monarchy located in Democratic Republic of Congo.

He ruled under the regency of his mother the mwamikazi (Queen) Esperance until 2015 when he officially took power. The Queen Mother has served in the congolese Parliament.

He recently got married in December 2019.

As king is custodian of culture and tradition among his people and kingdom but also works tirelessly to ensure advancement and development of his people and their kingdom by collaborative work with the government and non government organisations.

Special thanks to Mwami NaLuhwindja Tony

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