Kulamba ceremony, Chewa Kingdom, Zambia

Kulamba ceremony is a traditional annual event of the Chewa people which is held every August at Mkaika royal Palace in Zambia. Chewa people are a bantu ethnic group found in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique and collectively form the Chewa Kingdom, a traditional monarchy headed by a King called Gawa Undi. The current king is Gawa Undi XI.

Kulamba is a intricate ceremony whereby over 200 chiefs from the three countries where Chewa live, come to update the Gawa Undi about the affairs of the kingdom as well as paying homage to the king.

The pure traditional African cultural event involves performances by various people, which some say led to its ban in 1934 by the British colonial government. However it is an integral part of the Chewa and is the most important ceremony.

Kulamba ceremony attracts thousands to the Gawa Undi Mkaika royal Palace including high Dignitaries from the three countries. The 2020 ceremony saw the attendance of Presidents and first ladies of Zambia and Malawi.

Photos : all courtesy of president Hichilema, state House and Zambia tourism

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