Obi Nduka Ezeagwuna of Issele-uku, Nigeria

HM King (Obi) Agbogidi Ólòme Obi Nduka of Issele-uku, Aniocha north area of Delta state Nigeria.
He is one of the youngest Kings in Africa ascending to the throne in 2014 after the death of his father.

Before ascending the throne he married his wife now Queen (Anasi Obi) Dumebi Ezeagwuna.

His kingdom is a descendant kingdom from the Benin empire through the King Oba Eweka of Benins second son prince Uwade in 1230AD. It has retained similar cultures with the Benin kingdom in Edo state.

The king is dedicated to development of his kingdom through the government and is a member of the Delta state Council of kings.

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