Queen Madam Wokie Massaquoi of Vai people of Sierra Leone and Liberia (Gallinas kingdom)

Meet Sierra Leones tribal Queen who lived over 100 years old, Queen Madam Wokie Massaquoi was the monarch of Vai people of Sierra Leone (Galinas chiefdom/kingdom)

She reigned from 1925 until her death in 1971 aged over 100 years. Her descendant @maryann.kaikai started a fashion label named Madam wokie that has dressed the who and who of Sierra Leone. She was met by Queen Elizabeth II of UK during her visit to Sierra Leone

Vai people of Sierra Leone and Liberia are a group of the larger Mande speaking people and descendants of Mansa Musa of Mali empire who was world’s richest monarch in 14th century and to date

Madam Wokie Jonjo Massaquoi II

Paramount Chief (Queen) Madam Wokie Jonjo Massaquoi II is the current reigning monarch of Vai people of Sierra Leone under Gallinas kingdom / chiefdom, Punjehun District, Sierra Leone. Madam Wokie Massaquoi II is a descendant of the famous Queen Madam Wokie Massaquoi whom she is named after.

Photo : Roco studio

She was crowned in 2020 after a voting exercise involving various royal family members in which she emerged the winner and was presented with the Royal staff by the president of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has a unique way of choosing who succeeds the throne. Royal family members present themselves for the throne and the public or reps vote for their choice

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