Obong of Calabar, King of Efik people, Nigeria

Meet  His Eminence Obong (monarch /King) of Calabar, Efik people of Nigeria. 78th monarch of Efik people.

Name and full title- Edidem Ekpo Okon Abassi Otu V – the Obong of Calabar, natural ruler, treaty King and grand patriarch of efik people/kingdom, defender of the Christian faith

He is married to Princess Ansa Ekpo with seven children. Before becoming king he worked in the telecommunications sector of the Nigerian government.

He was crowned Obong in 2008 as the 78th monarch.The King who can trace his origin from the first monarch of Efik people is in his 70s.

The king is usually crowned twice, traditionally and religiously under the Presbyterian Church his title defender of the Christian faith was given to previous kings  by the Europeans during colonial era. The crown, sword and bible used are said to be gifts from Queen Victoria of UK after a correspondence with a previous Obong. This led to the myth of the black King marrying the white queen after the Obong asked her to marry him so they can rule together. Their letters can be viewed at the national museum of Calabar

Calabar named by Portuguese is locally known as Akwa Akpa in local Efik language. Efik people majorly are centered are Calabar, capital of Cross rivers state, Nigeria. Utomo Obong is an annual cultural festival of efik people in which they oay homage to their monarch

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