Bafokeng Royal Family, South Africa


Bafokeng Royal family is the ruling dynasty of the Bafokeng people of South Africa. The Bafokeng are a sestwana group commonly known as the royal bafokeng nation whose name means people of the grass or people of the dew. They are a sub national or tribal monarchy still existing today in South Africa headed by a king called Kgosi in the native language. The monarchy covers 1,000 square kilometers in the North West Province of South Africa with the capital at Phokeng. Their national animal is the crocodile (with mouth closed).

Former kings of Bafokeng

Bafokeng Royal nation as it is commonly called has had 36 kings. The succession to the throne is only eligible to males.

King /Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi

The current King is Leruo Molotlegi. He is the 36th king of the Bafokeng succeeding his late brother King Mollwane Molotlegi in 2000. He was officially crowned in 2003 at a royal ceremony at Phokeng. King Leruo Molotlegi is the son of late King /Kgosi Lebone Edward Molotlegi and current Queen mother Semane Molotlegi. The king has a degree in architecture and urban planning and is currently unmarried. He has 3 living siblings, a brother and two sisters. He is president of mineral rights association of Indigenous People of South Africa.

Queen mother Semane Molotlegi

Queen Semane Molotlegi was born a princess of Bamangwato royal family of Botswana as the daughter of regent Tshekedi Khama who was an uncle to Seretse Khama, the Kgosi or monarch or paramount chief of the baMangwato tribe. Seretse Khama later became first president of Botswana and father of the former president Ian khama. This makes Ian Khama also the current Kgosi of the Bamangwato a cousin to the current King Leruo Molotlegi. She died in 2021.

Royal siblings

The current King Leruo Molotlegi has 4 siblings with his elder brother being late.

  • Late King or Kgosi Lebone II Mollwane Molotlegi
  • Late Prince Boemo “Fosi” Molotlegi
  • Prince Bothata Molotlegi
  • Princess Motswana Molotlegi
  • Princess Tirelo Molotlegi

Richest tribe in Africa from mining

The Bafokeng interestingly enough have been gaining international fame over the years as the richest tribe in Africa. This is mainly due to the royal bafokeng holdings that does investments from mining reserves in the nation on behalf of the people of Bafokeng. The investments are able to help in generating money for service provision like education to the people. Entities under the royal bafokeng holdings include:

  • Royal Bafokeng sports that includes a massive stadium which hoated the world fifa Cup 2010
  • Royal Bafokeng administration that oversees planning of services
  • Royal Bafokeng Institute that is responsible for education

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