Traditional Kings in Angola

Angola is today a republic country located in Southern Africa region. The country is usually called land of Kings due to it’s name Angola which is derived from the title Ngola which means King in Ndongo kingdom. It is a country with many ethnic groups with their own monarchical systems which were destroyed by the Portuguese colonialists. They have however survived the test of time and today are called cultural and traditinal leaders.

Kongo kingdom

Kingdom of Kongo was a royal state founded in 1390 by the kongo speaking people. It stretched from western Congo DRC, Congo Brazzaville, south Gabon and north Angola. Its capital was at Mbanza Kongo which is a UNESCO world heritage site today located in northern Angola after the drawing of colonial boundaries that are used today. The Kingdom was ruled by a king or ruler called Mwene-Kongo meaning ruler of Kongo but the Portuguese colonialists couldn’t pronounce the name so it famously became Manikongo. Its last famous monarchs was Manikongo (King) Dom Antonio III (died 1957) his wife later Queen (Dona) Isabela de Gama (died 1990s)

Mbunda Kingdom

Mbunda Kingdom is a precolonial kingdom that was formed in the 1700s by the Mbunda people of central africa. It was ruled by a king who held the title Mwene Ngoma meaning Owner of the royal drum. Ngoma or royal drum was the symbol of royal power in most central and east african royal kingdoms. Mbunda Kingdom has survived and is located in present day Angola. Late HM King (Mwene) Mbandu III Mbandu Lifuti of Mbunda kingdom of Angola was King for 13 Years from 2008 until his death in 2021 June aged 71.

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Ndongo Kingdom

Ndongo kingdom was formed by the Mbundu people before the 16th century. It is said according to hitorical reords that it was avassal state of the larger Kongo kingdom. Ndongo Kingdom was ruled by a King or monarch called Ngola. This title Ngola is highly credited as being the origin of the name Angola. Among their various monarchs is the famous Queen Nzinga/Njinga who reigned from 1624 to 1663. Though we have new nations today as a result of colonialism, the kingdom and its royal leadership has survived. The current Ngola or King is King Buba Nvula Dala Mana Cabombo who is the 43rd or 45th King. He has been on the throne for over 50 years old and is 99 years old.

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Bailundo / Mbalundu Kingdom

This kingdom has existed since the 15th century and is described as the most powerful and largest among the Mbundu people. It is ruled by a king or monarch called a oSoma y’olosoma which means king of chiefs. It’s most recent king was Ekuikui V Armindo Francisco Kalupeteka. He was king from 2012 until 2021 when he was dethroned after he was given a sentence of six years for co authorship of murder. The current King is Joao Kawengo Kasanji whose reign name is Tchingala Tchangungu Vangalule Mbulu.

dethroned king

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Baixa de Cassanje / Kassanje Kingdom

Baixa de Cassanje (also known as Kassanje or Kasanye or Kasanzi) is a traditional monarchy of the Luba ethnic group in Angola. The region is notably famous for the 1961 Baixa de Cassanje revolt whereby Angolan plantation workers protested for better working conditions in a Portuguese Belgian cotton farm. 400 to 7000 Africans died, 1000 whites died and in total it is said that 20000 people died. The current King of Baixa de Cassanje is Dianhenga Aspirante Mjinji Kulaxingo who succeeded his late father King Kambamba Kulaxingo (1899-2006).

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Luvale people

Luvale people also called Luenas are an ethnic group in South eastern Angola and others in North west Zambia. They have a traditional monarchical system of governance under different chiefs that has been handed down from royal generation for centuries. The Luvale in Angola have a unique female succession of the Nhakatolo dynasty. Queen Nhakatolo Chilombo Tchissengo has been monarch since 2004 when she succeeded her grandmother.

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Lunda – Tchokwe people

Late King was King (Mwene) Muatxissengwe Watembo who died in 2019.

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Me-nongue / Nganguela people

Nganguela or Ganguela people mainly inhabit the district of Menongue. King Tchinhama Mwene Vunongue who lived from 1800-1886 fought against Portugese and German rule. Their current King is King Mwene Vunongue VIII Manuel Ndala who has been King since 2019 after succeeding late King Mwene Vunongue VII

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Cuito Canavale

Current King is Bingo Bingo

Photo; Armando Morais

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